Very Practical, unlike traditional reports we get from other consultants…

That statement is the best feedback we could receive from our clients.

Let’s start with WHY?

In my career, I saw no shortage of strategies. Everyone had one, from how to get to work to how to get the business going in the right direction. To grow, you need one for sure. I call it the “vector.”

What I found is that merely having a strategy is not good enough.

The most common challenges that businesses face are the lack of coaching for the executive team on how to execute “together” and the lack of training for the customer-facing team on what’s “expected” out there. 

Lastly, and it continues to amaze me, customers are expected to ring the bell and find us, right? Quite frankly, “marketing” or lack thereof, is the third biggest reason why projects fail.


“Vector” “Together” toward customer “Expectations” leveraging “Marketing” is not rocket science. It works.

So HOW can we make it work?

We call it velocityICE™:

  • Intent: Review your strategy, adjust as required
  • Course: Understand your market map with the insight you already have and find the Sweet Spot.
  • Execute: Plan your sales and marketing efforts for the next 90 days for the top 10 accounts.

Yes, practical…

Sounds tedious? Expensive? You’d be surprised how efficient our process is and why most of our clients have renewed their engagements with velocityHUB.

The process takes 6-10 weeks and is very affordable. After all, we built it for small- and medium-sized businesses.

All it takes is one email, text or phone call and we’ll provide you with a complimentary evaluation.

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