9 Steps to Make an Executive Transition

In our leadership coaching with corporate executive teams, individuals will often approach us for assistance with transitioning to their next executive opportunity. These executives have often been with their companies for 10, 20 or sometimes over 30 years, and they find themselves for the first time in a position where they are looking for their next opportunity.

Given that they have been with their companies for a long time, the “next step” has generally been outlined for them and they’ve followed a well-worn path to their current positions.  They had mentors, but no real coaching on how to find a new position outside of their respective organizations.  While they are excellent leaders and performers with tons of experience, they may not possess the assets and coaching that they need to take their next steps.

Through our executive transition process, we make this move easy. We have identified the key assets that corporate executives need to develop, as well as the process they should go through to determine thier next steps. Sometimes, all we need is a refresh and a direction.

Based on our experience, here are 9 Steps to Making an Easier Executive Transition:

  1. Conduct a Self Assessment
  2. Determine Your Degree of Transition
  3. Develop Your Brand
  4. Develop Your Recruiting Resources
  5. Leverage Your Relationships
  6. Assemble Your Support Team
  7. Research & Recruit
  8. Set Your Process in Motion
  9. Follow Up and Adjust

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