8 Keys to Developing a High Impact Team

If you look at some of the world’s most successful organizations, you can bet they didn’t get that way doing the same thing every day. They had to think differently, adjust when conflict came up, react to change, and make strategic decisions to move the organization forward.

When an organization or team feels the itch to make a change, to make a big decision, or to solve a complex problem, this is when they will hold a retreat, a workshop or an offsite meeting.

To be productive and achieve the objectives that you set forth for your meeting, there are numerous factors that can lead to success. Based on our experience leading offsite meetings and retreats, here are some of the keys:

  1. Identify Your Purpose & Goals
  2. Identify the Core Issue(s)
  3. Develop Agenda & Content
  4. Assign Ownership
  5. Manage Logistics
  6. Set Measurable Outcomes
  7. Leverage a Third Party
  8. Remember the Fun Factor

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