Our Belief is that Growth can be Engineered



Business Development

At velocityHUB Pittsburgh, our belief is that Growth can be Engineered through an actionable strategy that is executed through people development and targeted marketing/PR


Leadership Team

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Francois Gau,
Managing Partner


Francois Gau is a Partner with velocityHUB. He consults for growth, trains to elevate performance and provides coaching to engineer leadership at some of the leading companies in industrials and B2B. velocityHUB helps companies, individuals, and communities grow to reach their maximum potential and achieve their dreams.
An experienced senior executive leader,

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Francois has delivered results in enterprise strategy development, marketing & growth strategies, and operations management. He spent two decades in leadership roles guiding sales & operations strategy for companies as large as $20 Billion. Through performance management and team leadership, he was able to drive 3-fold revenue growth in his division.
Working with clients, Francois develops and executes business growth strategies; designs marketing and sales blueprints; coaches and mentors key executives and emerging talent; drives innovation with product management & engineering; and facilitates team-building and engagement workshops.

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