Engagement and Retention is the Key

On May 17th, I had the privilege to to be the keynote speaker at the 4th Pittsburgh Leadership Forum hosted by velocityHUB at the Cambria hotel.

For this quarter’s Leadership Forum, we asked a simple question: Is there another way to the so called “Talent War”?

Short Answer: Drive Retention and Engagement First!

As now the norm at the Forum, we had a very insightful conversation with the audience. Here’s what we covered:

  • When did the “Talent War” began and why?
  • What kind of behaviors and consequences emerged from that era?
  • What can we do to Engage and Retain talent? It’s all about the employee journey and experience:
    • 1st Call with me…
    • My first day…
    • Along the way…
  • What kind of impact “Engagement and Retention” has?
    • $30k to $50k in recruiting costs
    • $300k of lost opportunity/productivity through the replacement process…

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Looking forward to your comments!

Valerry Mannarino, VP Training and Coaching, velocityHUB